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From this page, you can download farm safety reosurces and practical guidelines to get started with a safety plan for the farm. THESE RESOURCES ARE FREE TO DOWNLOAD AND USE.

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Resources include: 

Work Health and Safety Introduction – introduces the key principals of farm safety.

Hazard Checklists and Safety Action Plan – provides help to find the common safety hazards for all types of farms and a safety action plan for making the farm safer.

Safety Induction Templates -  these provide guidelines for the safety induction for workers and contractors on the farm.

Training Register -  help to keep records of your worker's training.

Injury Register – this will help you keep records of injury, learn from injuries that occur and put in place improvements to prevent them happening again.

Farm Safety Guides – there are many safety guides to help you find the right solutions to just about all the common safety risks on farms. Have a look at all the headings, these are useful to find solutions to common hazards and are industry endorsed.

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